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Sunday, January 6, 2013


In the beginning of November the girls were accepted into the Preemie Growth Project.  The Project is looking to find if children born prematurely would make improvements when taking plant diverted colloidal minerals each day.  Since the beginning we have seen small improvements in muscle tone and strength with both the girls.  Some families are seeing miraculous improvements.  We'll gladly take any improvements that we can get! 

Today, while cuddling int he chair with Mila, she said she wanted to go ask Papa to get her a snack.  Doug was in the computer room about 15 feet away.  I told her to go, and ask Papa.

Now if you know our Mila at all, she in not independently mobile.  She can roll from one side to another and occasionally will use her arms to drag herself maybe 2 feet before rolling to her back and giving up.  Her drag/crawl looks much like a worm.  She can get her bottom up in the air and gets her legs semi under her body, but then falls to the side and uses her arms to move.  She gets overly frustrated that she can't move like everyone else.  This is why in October she got her own power chair.    But when at home, she likes to be on the floor and play, watch TV, and occasionally move small amounts on her own.

So, she wanted a snack.  Don't ask me why, but she thought she needed to ask Doug for it. (I was sitting in the chair with her watching TV when she decided she needed a snack).  And typically, when I tell her to go, and try to move, she quickly gives up.  SO, I put her on the floor (pointed in the right direction), and told her to go ask Papa.  Though it wasn't conventional, and it wasn't fast,  Mila "crawled" 15 feet to her Papa to ask him if she could have a snack of pudding!!!  During this 15 feet, she rolled to her back once, but with verbal encouragement, she rolled back to her belly and managed to get her her right hand from underneath her body (which is super challenging for her as it is her weaker side) and crawled the rest of the way!!!!!

Here is the video.  I only took footage of the last part of the distance she traveled. 

MILA- I told you!  You can do it!  You are destined for great things!!! :)


Laurie said...

Go, Mila!

Michelle said...

Finally was able to see the video! I'm crying too! Awesome job, Mila!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is encouraging! Our Z has only been on the plant colloid minerals for 1 1/2 weeks so I am trying to not get to anxious of the changes we hope to see!

Katie said...

SO glad you are back on the blog! I've followed along with your journey to bring Max home. I am thrilled for Mila! What an accomplishment! Any chance of updates (and pictures) of Max??? Hope you all are doing great!

The Freedom of Transformation said...