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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baby Steps

Slow and steady wins the race. You have to take baby steps before you can run. Wow! Tonight I am realizing how true those words are!

Our little Miss Hannah has been walking with the assistance of a walker to get around. She is a speed demon with her new wheels, and you need to watch your heels if you walk in front of her!

In the last few weeks (or closer to a month) she has really been trying to take some steps on her own. Last week when the Physical Therapist saw her at school she used crutches with her. Jada (the PT) held one end and Hannah held the other. Hannah thought Jada was doing a lot, but really she was doing very little. This week, Jada said Hannah took 13 steps on her own. To add to this, Jada laughs because Hannah has an original way to get up out of her W sit and jumps like a frog, taking both feet off the ground! What a silly girl!

Today when I picked Hannah up at my Mom's, she was interested in standing against a wall and walking to Amy (her favorite Aunt). She was taking up to15 steps independently. Within those 15 steps, she would stop to readjust her posture to stay upright. She would take this walk to Amy over and over again saying "Look Bababa (Grandma) I did it! I walka' by me-self!" She was so proud! And why not?!

Tonight at home, I was talking to Doug on the phone. At one point, Hannah stood up on her own (not pulling herself up) and took probably 15-20 steps to the kitchen door!!!!! My jaw dropped and poor Doug didn't know what was going on! Once I told him what our amazing little lady did, he was bummed he missed it!

All this being said, I am really torn. With Hannah wanting to walk, am I really ready to try Botox for her hamstrings??? No doubt her walk is original (knees turning in, walking on her toes), but I have this fear that Botox will make her overly loose and she will loose ground in her progress of walking. HELP!!!

Baby steps. Slow and steady progress. I will rejoice in every step!


MamaPoRuski said...

O wow! Congrats Hannah! We just did Z's third round of Botox this week. He is loose for about 4-5 days before he stabilizes and then we work on the muscle tone in the other areas of his legs he isn't using now. It works for about two months and I can see it wear off and cringe. He actually complains of needing to be stretched once it wears off and looks forward to having it. We're working on sit to stand and going upstairs...baby steps!

Lou said...

I don't think the botox will hinder her walking, it will help it. One of my sons got botox injections in his hamstrings, it's good stuff.

Denise said...

what a doll nastya is congrats!We are adopting a 3 yr old boy with cp from Liberia he weighs a whopping 15lbs.My heart is set on adopting a little girl with ds maybe next year.I found your blog on rr and just had to read knowing you have a child with cp.

emrwells said...

hey girlfriend!
Just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you. I can't wait to see photos of your family of four. What an amazing gift for the holidays! You are truly one of the kindest people I know. I miss you lots!

Susi said...

I cannot wait to see You, Doug, and Miss Hannah over the thanksgiving week when i come visit from Colorado. I think I may be meeting Miss Nastya over the winter break when i come to visit. What a fantastic family you all have!!