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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Funeral & Future

Today I went to Ty's funeral. What a celebration of life. It was amazing to sit in my chair and realize that I was one very small part of the many, many lives Ty touched. Between his involvement in Special Olympics, a cheer squad, and a racing team, he was loved by many and touched the lives of many more. Wow. Amazing. We did everything we could to educate Ty to the best of our abilities, but as I sat today, I realized how Ty was much more of a teacher than I will ever be. He taught so many that Downs was not a disability, but an ability. He loved life, his family, and girls....he was a typical 18 year old boy!!! :)

Before going to the calling hours for Ty last night, I was searching the RR website. I happened to check the "other angel girls" page and sent Doug a quick e-mail to look at a particular little one. When I talked to him he told me I had forgotten to mention a name in my e-mail, but was loving the little girl second on the page..... what? hugh? To my surprise, in a few short hours since I had been on the RR site, 2 little girls were added to the page.

Let's just say we are looking into the possibility that there might be a Ukrainian and other E.E. princess in our home someday.

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