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Monday, November 17, 2008


What a happy girl! Her smile just makes me wonder what her giggle sounds like, what makes her smile, and who she will someday smile at...friends, family, Mama and Papa and Hannah? Oh, goodness. I want to be able to pick up our little one and see that smile and hear that giggle.

It is snowing tonight. I am sitting at the computer e-mailing Andrea, Shelley, and Angela about paperwork. These ladies are the most important ladies in my life right now (...next to Hannah). They have the answers and keep me sane as I trudge down the paper trail. We have our medicals set up for Tuesday afternoon. No blood work or other "lady tests" needed! YEA! I am such a chicken when it comes to needles. Someday when Hannah understands, I will tell her how much I love her because I let blood leave my body voluntarily. Wednesday, Jen has been gracious enough to keep Hannah for a little while so Doug and I can run around and pick up our marriage license, drivers abstracts, birth certificates, and have our fingerprints done. then we can check off those items.

In e-mailing with Andrea tonight, she told me to put a travel date of February on my I600A. AUGH! I was thinking more of a April/May travel date.....February, REALLY? Maybe that is just to speed up the process of the I600A. Let's hope. February is less than 4 months away......there is a lot to do before we go. Can I really fit it all in before February? :)

In the "to do" list to prepare for #2:
- move bedrooms (the girls will share the bigger bedroom)
- organize furniture
- buy Hannah a big girl bed
-move "stuff" (there is lots of it in this house....mostly Grandma's stuff!)
I would really like to take the old wallpaper off the wall in the girls' room and paint, put new light fixtures up, add a ceiling fan, have it all fixed now, before they both are home. Guess we'll see how the time line plays out!

On a funnier, note, a February travel date would be too comical! Another teacher in the district is expecting a baby in late March, and my supervisor has already "told" me that we couldn't be out at the same time because that would be too stressful for her! :)

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If you need house help, let us know!