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Friday, December 26, 2008

Too much Christmas?

Is there such thing as too Much Christmas? We celebrated with family for three days in a row, and by Friday afternoon, Hannah was done. (Give her a few days and she'll be ready again!) Wednesday we celebrated with the Layne family. On Thursday we had lunch and celebrated with Great Grandpa Berry and Aunt Judy. After opening presents we went to the nursing home to see my Grandma in the evening. I'm not sure she recognized us or knew we were there, but Grandpa and Judy are always glad to see us come to visit her. Then on Friday we celebrated with my (Cara's) parents and siblings. Oy! Here are some photos from our many days of celebrating!
Hannah with Santa~ she told him she wanted a kitchen
Aunt Amy, Grandma, & Grandpa Noecker with Nathan, Hannah, Maria, & Calvin
Hannah & Aunt Amy, posing before diving into day 3 of present opening!
All ready to cook with her baker's hat.

And just for fun, here is how much our little one has grown in a year. It is amazing what a loving home, proper nutrition and plenty of sleep can do in a year!

Christmas 2007

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