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Saturday, January 3, 2009


New Year, new bedrooms, new adventures, new countries, new family member, new memories. I have a feeling if someone asks me to describe 2009 to them, I would pick the word 'new', for many reasons!

We are looking forward to 2009 and traveling to a new country to meet our newest addition to the Layne family. When we return home with M, she will share a bedroom with Hannah. Hannah's current room is small, and we need to have a spare room for when family comes home from Texas, so it makes sense to move the girls in together.

Not yet knowing what kind of bed M will need, we plan to move Hannah into a big bed (which worries me a little...) and have the crib for M. For now, Hannah will use the bottom part of the bunk beds we purchased two years ago (thinking we would have a rowdy 10 year-old boy at home). She will have steps for her bed (yes, like the kind you get for your dogie or for Granny who can't climb up into her big bed!) so I don't have to worry as much about her falling.

We went today to pick up some items for the girl's new room. Pink is going to be the color scheme for the girls' room. Hannah's crib bedspread and bumper is pink with butterflies and flowers on it, so we'll stick with that theme. Once the girls are bigger (if we are still in this house) we will get them matching beds and bedspreads. We purchased a ceiling fan and some primer for the walls. We live in an old farmhouse, and I knew we were dealing with plaster walls. The first layer of mauve wallpaper came off easily, and I actually enjoyed peeling off wallpaper.

The second layer of REALLY old wallpaper, is not so easy to pull off. It is paper thin, so we are going to spackle over it. I really like the character of the old, old wallpaper. It has such pretty pink flowers. The green wallpaper and the flowers seem to tell a story. I will have to ask Grandma about it. I wish there was some way to use it.

Doug is between jobs this week, so I hope to get some things accomplished in the room this week while he is home. Hannah is working on staying dry all day (on day #3) to earn a 'big girl bed' to sleep in, so hopefully we'll make some progress soon! I've been in the 'clean and purge' mood this week, so we are getting rid/giving away lots of things we don't use, don't need, and don't fit. Aaahhhh, it feels good. (The garbage man and Good Will are gonna love me!!)

Happy 2009 everyone. We would love for you to continue to follow us this year as our year of "new" unfolds. We cherish any prayers and donations that are made in our honor.


MaybeMama said...

Pink with butterflies and flowers sound lovely. I agree that the green with pink flowers wallpaper is very pretty.

Christine said...

Found you through a comment you left on another blog. Congrats on adopting again. What abeautiful thing, and I am so happy that you guys have found it in your heart to do it again! I hope to too!

Anonymous said...

If you haven't gone over it yet, you could use trim to create a couple "boxes" and then put the the girls names in big letters inside. The really old wallpaper can serve as a background for the letters. Serves the purpose of artwork without half the hassle of shopping for it!
Can't wait to see photos of the finished room! They're gonna love it!