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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Class trip & Embassy (day 8)

This morning we were given the chance to go on a outing with a group of children to the Ada Lake. We packed Mila in the car (no car seat). She sat quite nicely on the seat between us until she started to cough, so I put her on my lap. She loved being able to see out the car window and would occasionally let out her typical "aaaahhhh??" and then smile.

When we arrived at the lake, the staff unpacked the children and we started to walk along the sidewalk that borders the beach. The children were well behaved, but the small rocks on the beach seemed to beckon them, and many children ended up throwing some rocks.

After a while of walking, we stopped for a drink and a snack. I had brought Mila a sippy cup of juice and she was happy to drink the juice. While sitting and relaxing, a little boy came over to talk to Mila. He started to pull down his pants. Naive me, I thought maybe he wanted to show me his cool underwear. Or maybe he had to pee. Since I can't speak the language, all I could say was "ne, ne (no, no)", but he continued to pull his pants down, then pulled his wee-wee out of his shorts. YIKES!! I didn't know what to do. I looked around for adult supervision, but everyone seemed to be busy. I took Mila's stroller and moved it away from the little boy...and he came towards us again, with his wee-wee out of his pants, saying the same thing (only adding my "ne, ne" to his sentence!) Thankfully he was distracted by something and walked away. I had a hard time not giggling. What was I suppose to do???

While at the lake, we got a text from Jasmina! "Good news, the ministry signed the papers!" So we will travel to Mila's birth town Monday morning and have the adoption ceremony and hopefully get the passport process started!

By the time we arrived back at the orphanage, it was 12:00pm, so Mila was a little late for lunch. With the news of our adoption moving along, we knew we needed to head to the US embassy to pick up paperwork for Mila's visa. We stopped at the apartment, had a bite to eat, then made the trek to the Embassy. When we arrived, the man at the door told us we would have to wait until 2:00pm (It was 1:25 when we got there), so we sat on the steps. Someone was a little upset that we were sitting on the steps, so we decided to walk down the street a little. At 2:00pm we went into the Embassy building, waited for our name to be called, then headed to a little room to talk through a speaker to a man on the other side of the glass. He told us he would be right back......15 minutes later, he returned with the paperwork we needed to fill out to get Mila a visa. He was very nice and helpful and told us to call or e-mail him with any questions we may have.

Sadly, by the time we arrived back to the apartment, it was 3:30, so we had missed the majority of Mila's afternoon visit. I'm sad that we missed spending time with our little lady, but maybe it will give my foot time to heal. I had pain with every step today.


megan said...

I'm so glad to hear how well everything is going! It does my heart good to see how very smoothly things are going for you guys! ;) I cannot wait to meet Mila - she's so beautiful! Love all 4 of you so much!


Congrat's on the Ministry O. signature. Everything will go pretty quickly now.

I see a little boy i know in that picture..I sure hope that wasn't our little guy with his thingy out...Oh no.

DoveFamily said...

So glad that things are moving along. And what a nice opportunity to take Mila on an outing!

Praying that things go well on Monday (and praying for your foot!).