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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 10 -Missing Mila

Today we spent the day out seeing part of the Serbian countryside with Jasmina and her sister and brother in law, so we didn't see Mila. I am suffering withdraws from my sweet bump on a log. For the past nine days, we have walked to the orphanage and spent time with Mila. After seeing the look on her face last night when we put her back in her crib, I wonder what she was thinking today when we didn't come to see her. Her day must have felt very long without the now "typical" visit from those two people who love all over her and give her all kinds of attention. I can't wait to see her tomorrow!

Here are some of the sights from our trip today.

view from the boat- Belgrade in the horizon

Doug's lunch- catfish

Cara's lunch- not sure what it was, maybe sausage (we also had coleslaw salad)

Dessert- the lady across the table said it was made with the flower from an opium plant....traditional dessert from this area. I tried it, Doug liked it.

Grazing cows tied to a cement brick along the road

Doug eating a tasty little pear at one of the homes

beautiful flowers in an antique wagon

photo of the monastery we visited

Us, at Club S

Reeds from the swamp used to make "huts" at the club & restaurant we visited

There are homes all along the river. Some are decent size and some are very small.

We were in the rural areas, and Doug and I felt quite at home. Dad- we saw some square bales of hay, but it is also customary to throw the hay in huge stacks (10 feet tall) and then put a stick against them to hold them up. We saw several people harvesting wheat (with older red/yellow combines) and we did see one John Deere combine. The corn here is about knee high. People thought we were strange taking pictures of farmland as much as the places we visited. :) Oh well, you can take a couple off the farm, but you can't take the farm out of the couple's heart!

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Looks like you all had a great time sight seeing... I bet Mila missed you guys. Pretty soon see will be with you forever...
Make sure you buy a yummmy cake for the adoption ceremony.. They are awesome....