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Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 2 ~ Meeting Mila

Yesterday evening around 7:00 we met with Jasmina and walked around town as she told us a little more about our soon to be daughter as well as our meeting for today with the ministry. Jasmina is such a wonderful lady! We already enjoy her so much!

At 8:00, Vlado met us at our apartment to show us around town and spend some time together. He took us to purchase a fairly inexpensive phone to use while in Serbia. His wife apologized because they use to have a spare to loan out to people when they were traveling, but she got water on it, so it doesn't work anymore!! :) We have purchased the phone and plan to leave it with Vlado so anyone who travels after us, it will be here to use! We had drinks on the Danube River (Patty & Ternace, all I kept singing was that silly song from music class!) with Vlado and Svetlana. We finally layed our heads down on the pillow last night around 11:00pm....that would be 30 some odd hours that I had been up!!
Today we met Jamsina outside our apartment and walked to the ministry and met Jasna and the other officials. There were 3 ministry officials, the orphanage social worker, Jasmina; who works at the orphanage, Jasna; translator extraordinaire, and two officials from Mila's hometown, and us. There was lots of discussion of how to complete the passport (since Mila was not born in Belgrade) but we are prayerfully hopeful that everything will go smoothly.
We proceeded to the orphanage to see our little one. We were told to wait in a little room on the 4th floor and they would bring Mila to us. And in she came in the stroller we recognized from pictures. Three people observed our first meeting in order to write a report that is part of the paperwork for our adoption of Mila. We were there 10-15 minutes and they told us to get in a car with the PT and Mila and go have photos taken for her visa.

While waiting in the park for her photos to be ready.

Once back at Mila's first home, we got to spend more time with her. We got to feed her a banana that the PT gave us (she ate almost the entire banana) as well as a bottle (with a huge hole in the nipple) of milk/oatmeal mush "stuff". She was facinated with the book we took her, and we have already found her ticklish spot!

Someone is ticklish in the same spot as Hannah!

We found our way home by foot (we are SOOOO out of shape since Ukraine) and to the "comfort food" of McDonalds! Tonight we have to go register with the police (because we are staying longer than 10 days in country) and then I think it is an early night for bed. We will return to see Mila in the morning!


DoveFamily said...

Praising God for a good first meeting, and praying things go well from here on out!

And patiently waiting... said...

She is beautiful! What a blessing! So happy she is with you!


Oh how we love these pictures!!!
~M~ fits right in with Mommy and Daddy!!!!

Have lots of fun!!!!

Give our little guy hugs when you see him,,please please..


Jen and Billy said...

AWESOME!!! She is beautiful!

Susi said...

She is beautiful!! I am so happy for you and for Doug, and of course Hannah and Mila!

The Irons Family said...

What a sweet little one and she has the best giggle!! Enjoy


Christine said...

Your daughter is just precious! The way she sucks her thumb is so cute!