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Monday, June 15, 2009

Double visit day = Great day (Serbia day 5 )

Today is the hottest day since we have been here. It is 88 outside. Sometimes a nice breeze blows, and the humidity is low. Tomorrow it is to be 90. I plan to wear the one tank top I brought. I didn't bring many shirts like that because I didn't want to stand out. Silly me, this is Europe. I have seen plenty of people with halter tops and mini skirts on!

Today was our first day of two visits with Mila. This morning we got to see what the PT assistant does with her each day. It is very impressive that Mila is ranged and stretched for 5 days a week. She is in a room with a therapist and approximately 5-7 other kiddos. the therapist works with each child for a little while, then allows that child some time to rest while she moves on to work with another. She typically is in the therapy room for over an hour each day. What a blessing. Mila was cooperative with the PT while we were there watching, but she kept looking at Doug and I to say "hey, look what I can do!"

Once she was finished in the therapy room we took Mila outside. I brought sunglasses for her because I remember Carolee saying that Josie disliked the bright sunshine. I was amazed that when I put the sunglasses on Mila, she didn't take them off. Our morning visit was accompanied by one of the psychologists. She is a dear lady and speaks some english, so we had a nice visit. We spent some time swinging with Mila, then took her around to another part of the playground that is quiet and spent time playing with a light up ball and looking at her book. During the visit, Mila said Mama and Papa independently. I think she impressed the psychologist! We were offered the chance to feed Mila again today, so we took that opportunity! She ate almost all of the dumpling stew they put in the cup for her and drank a good bit of the apple nectar tea they had for her.

On the walk home, we purchased bottles of water....ahhhhh! Love the street vendors! We got home around 12:15, ate some lunch, and rested before heading out at 2:00 to head back to the orphanage. It takes us about 20-25 minutes (depending if we're going [downhill] or coming home [uphill]) to walk.

When we returned to the orphanage, many floors were still dark, so many children were still napping. When we got to the 4th floor and asked for Mila, the lady told us she was still sleeping, but when she peeked in her room, Mila was awake. We took Mila to a little room that is being used for storage right now. Even though the room is small, it is nice to have her inside so we can put her on her belly for some tummy time or sit her on a chair to work on her trunk control. During the afternoon visit, she was super chatty. We didn't understand a lick of it, other than the occasional "Mama, Papa, or Oopa", but in her own babble, she was really telling us something! I'm confident that soon that babble will turn into words, especially when she has to compete with Hannah- aka "Chatty Cathy" to get a word in!

Upon returning to the apartment, we both took showers, turned the AC on, and made dinner. We bought a package of 3 cheese spaghetti, but when the directions aren't in English, you have to read the few words you know on the package, and hope it comes out okay. It turned out okay, and our bellies are full. Now it is time to do some laundry (a load takes 2+ hours to wash) and upload some video so you can hear Mila talking up a storm!



Sounds like a great day for all of you ...Yes, that is so good Mila is getting PT. She will be used to it for when she gets home to have P.T.and her sister will teach her how to talk..

And patiently waiting... said...

That is so awesome that you are able to see what she does in therapy! I saw the temp..ick! We called cooking without English directions was a surprise! :)
She is so cute!

Anonymous said...

She really is a talker. I think she may give Hannah a run for her money. Too cute! It's 80 here too. Hope you continue to have good weather. luv Patty

Susi said...

She is such a cutie and you and Doug look so wonderful with her :) It amazes me how easy it is for you both to love Mila as much as you do already :)

When do you get to bring Mila to her forever home??

mck said...

I'm in tears catching up on your blog! It's amazing how fast five days goes by this side of the pond! Mila is just precious! She is so blessed to have you! I can't wait for the sisters to meet!! PS: I'm so so so sorry I didn't get the skype info for you....I am hunting it now and will email it to you! Hugs and many prayers!!! ~mckenna

Caroline said...

Precious videos! She seems so content and happy to be with you--a definite and wonderful perfect fit for each other! :-)