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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sore feet (day 7)

Crazy to think that a week ago today I was up preparing to leave for Serbia, saying all those tough good byes to the ones I love the most. I miss Hannah and being at home, yet we are enjoying every visit with Mila and Belgrade is a beautiful city and we feel safe here.

Last night Jasmina met us at our apartment at 7:30 and we planned to go to a concert. When we arrived at the concert hall, we were disappointed to find out that the newspaper printed the incorrect time, and the show had started an hour previous. So, instead we walked around the city and Jasmina showed us many beautiful buildings. We bought the girls shirts and purchased a map of Belgrade in English (we have one of Odessa with all the places we stayed and went while on our trip. We want to do the same thing for this trip so the girls have them). We walked for 2 hours, then came back to the apartment around 10:00pm. We were both hungry, so walked down to McDonald's for a bite and picked up some yummy treats for breakfast this morning.

As we walked; taking in the sights, Jasmina told us she is hopeful that our papers will be signed by the ministry in the next few days. Her plan, if all goes well, is to travel to Me-own-nitza (how the town name sounds phonetically) Monday to have the adoption ceremony. Because the town is approximately 2 hours away and traffic is bad on Fridays, it will not be before Monday. Once we have the ceremony, Mila is officially ours and we can take her from the orphanage whenever we like. In a way it seems surreal--"Seriously?? I can take her? I've only known her 10 days. Last time around they made me wait at least 30 before I could take her!" Our two adoption experiences have been SO different. So, we will pray that our paperwork is signed and that we will be able to go to Mila's hometown on Monday.

It is much cooler here today (Wednesday). We had a wonderful morning visit with Mila. She started out very quiet, then started to be more active. She is quite fond of Doug. She loves to sit on his lap and just look at him. She likes to reach her hands up high and pull his sunglasses down off his head onto his face. It turns out to be okay exercise because she would like to use her dominant hand, so we encourage her to use her weaker hand, so she gets practice reaching, grasping, and holding items with her right hand. She is more willing now to say "Papa" than she is to say "Mama". I think just to get at me and wrap Papa tighter around her finger than she already is!!

We decided to try a local restaurant that Shelley had suggested. Ummm-yeah. Shelley, there is no one there that speaks English. The food was good (HUGE sandwiches- we brought the leftovers back to the apartment!), but Doug wasn't sure if he was eating hamburger, sausage (kilbas), yak, or some other animal!

Jasmina is taking us sight seeing this afternoon. I am looking forward to seeing some of the sights, but my feet hurt and I have shin splints (or so Doug says by the pain I described). I'll take a couple Advil before going and be on my way with my camera. I definitely need a better camera soon!

(Please excuse all the pictures. I found a website that allows you to print your blog into book format and I plan to do that. I wanted to have pictures to go with each day's blog entry!I think someday Mila will love to look at the book!)


Susi said...

Take MORE pictures! LOL. Don't apologize for the pictures! They are amazing and it is incredible to see your journey from across the ocean (and then across the country!). You all are in my thoughts and prayers and I am hoping you get to bring the newest addition to your family home soon!! It would be so cool if you were back in time for Jake and Kyle's celebration next weekend!! Hugs to you all :)


Love love the pictures!!! Take lots more we love to see them... Mila looks so happy to be held by her papa... Yes, the treats look awesome ..Can i have some of them??

J, will walk your legs off...She is great..

katie.siers said...

Cara! The pics are great! I look forward to seeing Mila and what you guys have done each day. Thank you for writing and keeping us all in the loop. It is great fun to be able to "go through" this with you.

Shelley said...

Sorry there was no one there that speaks English, but the food was good, right????
I'm glad you're having a good time in Belgrade. It is a beautiful city and I do hope to return there some day.
We'll say a prayer that your ceremony will be on Monday!

Jen and Billy said...

Though it would be so cool if Mila was official on the same day her two cousins were official, Monday would be awesome as well. She is just so darn cute! Glad she likes Doug so well. What a change from the last time around! We can't wait to have her home and be a part of our lives!

And patiently waiting... said...

The pictures are great!! It is amazing how fast the children become "yours"! Isn't it wonderful to see changes in this short of time? Kristina held on to her Papa tight too! Still does! Enjoy your walk! :)

The Irons Family said...

I agree with everyone keep posting the pictures!! Mila looks so happy and I love seeing her adorable smile.
Heck I even enjoy the food pics. They give me something more to look forward to. Now I'm going to make a sight seeing list and a food list! :)


Anonymous said...

walking is good exercise. now you don't have to do the treadmill. Pics are great I plan to have West & A over to see as they are computer illiterate. She is too darn cute. Can't wait to see her in person. Luv Patty