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Monday, June 22, 2009

Where we are headed tomorrow


We are headed about two hours south west of Belgrade to Mila's hometown for our adoption ceremony. Her hometown is where the green arrow is pointing. We have to be at the orphanage tomorrow morning at 9:15am to head out for our adoption ceremony. I think the ceremony will last no more than an hour, then we are taking everyone out to lunch to celebrate. Maybe we will get back in time to at least kiss our little girl before we head for the apartment one last night child-less. I doubt she will come home with us tomorrow since there are some formalities and most of the staff will be gone by the time we arrive back at the orphanage tomorrow afternoon.

We had two great visits with Mila today. She giggled so much and was just happy to be with us. It rained today...most of the day. When we walked this morning, it was a slight mist, but by the time we left the orphanage after our morning visit, it was a steady rain. We have but one umbrella, and we both don't fit under it well. Poor Doug was mostly drenched by the time we made it up the hill to the street vendor selling umbrellas. We stopped at the pharmacy and bought some items for Mila. Rest and dry off, then head back to the orphanage for visit #2 of the day.

Tonight we had the chance to go to dinner with Devin and Stacy. We had a wonderful evening. It is so nice to have an American contact being so far from home. We went to a wonderful restaurant that they had been to before, so Devin ordered for us. Dinner was a "crock pot of meat" as Devin called it. He ordered the crock that would supposedly feed 2 people. Well, all 4 of us ate and there was still left overs. There were all kinds of tasty meats in the crock pot. YUMMY! The most fun was meeting new friends and spending time talking about our families and our kids. Thanks again Stacy and Devin. Hopefully we can do it again before we leave!

I'm heading for bed. Big day today with great food and great new friends. Tomorrow a new adventure beginning. Life with 2 girls! We can't wait and feel extremely blessed!


And patiently waiting... said...

Wow, that is sort of close to Kristina's birthplace. Jagodina The ride was really beautiful! I am so happy that your ceremony is tomorrow! Mila will have a mommy, daddy, and sister forever!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mama & Papa! You all make the perfect family. I had Mary and Ternance over today and they too think Mila is sooo cute. Mary thinks she favors you Cara. I think she looks more like Doug. You are so blessed with another beautiful little girl. Can't wait to see her in person. Luv Patty

Karl and Ashley said...

Congrats on your adoption today!!
That is so exciting to hear!