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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Busy February

February is a busy month! We have at least 1-2 visits to Children's Hospital for one appointment or another every week this month!

Mila had eye surgery on Wednesday to correct some strabismus (lazy eye). She is such a trooper! She couldn't have anything to eat after midnight the night before and her surgery was scheduled at 11:20. She ended up going into surgery around 12:10. She asked for a drink a couple of times and when I would tell her, "Mama didn't bring one", she would move on to "Snack?" and I would again tell her I had not brought one. Thanks to the portable DVD player and Backyardigans, we were able to keep her happy until she was wheeled into surgery!

Before and After Surgery!

Hannah returns to the eye doctor for a 6 month follow up after eye surgery next week and gets another round of botox this week.

On the fifteenth we are out of school for Presidents' day, so we are making a trip to United Seating & Mobility in Columbus to check out wheelchair options for Mila. She has pretty much outgrown the strollers we have for her and at our last visit to the physical medicine doctor he suggested it was time to look at a wheelchair for her. Wheelchairs have to last 5 years. Kindergarten will happen within the next 5 years and a wheelchair will be a safe way for the school to transport her back and forth and to field trips. we are encouraged that the suggestion was made for Mila to have a chair with large wheels so hopefully she could have the option to wheel herself.
The other suggestion from our physical medicine visit with Mila--a pediatric orthopedic surgeon visit. Mila has a subluxed (loose) hip for some time. 'J' told us about her hip in Serbia, and we had x-rays done when we came home in July. X-rays from January show that her hip is not any different/worse in 6 months, but that it is time to go meet with an Ortho person to talk options before her hip is dislocated and painful. I am already dreading that appointment. I know of two kiddos who have had hip surgery. The surgery and recoup time is lengthy, not to mention the cast is HUGE and will make Mila that much heavier!

Ohio had a sizable snow storm forecast on Friday. School ended up dismissing early and people as close as 15 miles north of us have as much as 14" of snow. We have 2-3". Just enough to play in!

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MoonDog said...

awwww look at those little bundles of pink and purple! they are darling all bundled up! I bet they are just as cute when they dont have to bundle like the north pole! lol. I am new to your blog, can you refresh me on the ages of your girls and why you need a chair? I have sophie and ben who both have AMC. Sophie has knees at 90 deg and is still small enough for strollers. Ben has been walking only a short time.