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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Serbian Experience

As I watched Mila swing tonight and listened to her infectious giggle< I was reminded how blessed we truly are to be a family of 4.

A year ago this time, I was anxiously awaiting word from Mila's country to know if we were approved to adopt Mila and also a travel date. I remember checking my e-mail daily awaiting word. I sent countless e-mails out of pure nervousness to check on Mila, ask for pictures, sizes, and development of Miss Mila so when we were given a travel date, we would be fully prepared to bring our newest addition home to be part of her forever family. On the receiving end of my e-mails was a sweet lady that I was yet to meet. Jasmina is an orphan advocate. Her goal is to be the hands and feet of Jesus, setting children in families. She was gracious to answer my every e-mail and send us pictures of Mila.

In June when we arrived in Belgrade, I had no idea what to expect. My only experience with adoption had been in Ukraine, adopting Hannah in 2007. The Serbian people were so welcoming. I always felt safe exploring the town. Jasmina welcomed us and gave us a tour of the city.

We were welcomed into the orphanage. In Ukraine, we were told to stand at the door and they brought Hannah to us. When we went to visit Mila, we were able to walk into the orphanage, go to Mila's floor, and ask a caretaker for Mila. Jasmina visited with us while we got to know Mila and was genuinely happy for Mila to finally have a home. Jasmina knew she would be a perfect fit for us--how right she was!

Jasmina is a doctor at the orphanage and truly believes that every child, despite his/her limitations, has the right to be loved by a family. She advocates for all children, especially those that have disabilities. I greatly admire this woman for standing up for what she believes in--that every child deserves a loving family. She makes sure that the children have therapy and is looking for new ways to help make the children's lives better. I cannot wait for the day when we can return to Mila's country and show Mila her first home and let her meet the wonderful lady that advocated for her. Because of Jasmina and the great team at Reece's Rainbow, we are a happy family of 4. Our life has been enriched by the people we met and the friendships we've made.

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Anonymous said...

I know I work with you everyday, but I never tell you what a great Mom you are. Hannah & Mila are so lucky to have you and Doug.
:) Patty