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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Surprises

Friday the girls had doctor appointments, so afterward, we went to the store and picked out Doug's Christmas presents.  Doug and I both want practical things for Christmas--things we need.  (A toaster, a fan, a crock-pot, slippers, etc.)  I gave the girls options and let them choose what they would like to get their Papa for Christmas.  Hannah decided on a toaster and Mila wanted to get him a fan.

The girls and I came home and wrapped the presents, sticking them far under the tree so they wouldn't be spotted until Christmas day.  Hannah and I talked about keeping Papa's item a surprise until Christmas.  She struggled because she thought she would be lying to Doug by not telling him.  We talked about the difference between lying and a good surprise.  She decided she could tell Papa she got him a gift, but not tell him what.

Saturday morning, Hannah came into our bedroom and at some point he went to turn off the fan. (He likes a fan to drown out the road noise.)  Hannah says to him him- "what are you doing Papa?"  Doug said, "Turning off the fan, why?"  "Oh I didn't think it work very well and that's why we bought you a new one for Christmas!"said Hannah.  Doug and I just started laughing.  It was too cute.  At the same time, Hannah had realized she had just spoiled Doug's Christmas surprise.  She was so upset and kept apologizing for "spilling the beans".  I picked her up and we were teasing Papa about maybe he was just getting an empty box, or what was on the box wasn't what was really in it.  Hannah then said "No Mama, I saw the toaster on the box....that's what's in it!" 

So in a period of less than 10 minutes, Hannah had accidentally spilled the beans and now Papa knows what he's getting for Christmas!  How fun it is to have a six year old!  These are the moments we will treasure!

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