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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Its summer

It's officially summer.  School is out, the sun is hot, and I am longing to see my boy and meet my daughter.  It's days like today that I get frustrated that I can't hurry things up.  The daily waiting is what wears me down.
Two years ago tomorrow (June 1, 2009), Doug and I were anxiously awaiting a travel date to meet our beautiful Serbian princess.  We were sitting in a car dealership on a rainy summer day, working out numbers to buy our first minivan.  As we sat, waiting, my phone dinged with an e-mail.  The email was short and direct. "Your appointment date is June 12.  Please make your travel arrangements."  Gracious did our world change in a days time.  I now owned a new minivan and began making arrangements to fly to Serbia to meet our daughter.
In one moment I become overwhelmed with the gigantic pile of papers that need notarized, county certified, and apostilled.  Hours later when I look at the pile, I realize it is manageable and all within reach.  It's summer, I have time to work on it. 
Our BCI check has expired by Eastern European standards.  We need to have it re-done, which is no biggie.  The complicating factor is getting 2 notarized copies from the BCI office.  Today, I called and talked to a very nice lady who gave me direction, then transferred me to the person in charge of these type of situations.  I left her a message and am waiting her reply.
It's manageable.  It's doable.  It's worth it.  It's summer and I have the itch to travel.  My boy should have been here for his summer visit in 20 days.  I hope we can travel this summer to visit him.

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