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Monday, June 20, 2011

Roller coaster

What an emotional roller coaster the last week has been!  Last Monday, I was running from one county to another to get items county certified, feeling very accomplished.  By Wednesday evening, I was very distracted at dinner time trying to digest and process the news of an upcoming possible delay due to a "approximate 3 month shut down" in adoptions in the land of sunflowers while the country regroups and restructures the way they do adoptions.  Thursday I was on pins and needles wondering if we would get everything done.  Thursday night and Friday morning I was a complete ball of nerves wondering if a typo was going to be the end of our hopes to get things sent by Friday.  Friday, with my best friend by my side, we county certified things and apostilled them at the state level.  All our documents were ready to send to the land of sunflowers!  I was a tad nervous sending things with a girl with pink hair that asked me what letter the country started with (YIKES!), and by Saturday morning I was a complete mess as I checked the tracking number on our UPS shipment to find that there had been a snafu and there was no one to talk to me due to the weekend.  Sunday I was a tad relaxed as I knew that nothing could be done, so it was no use worrying.  This morning, I called and called UPS trying to get things sorted out and make sure my UPS package went to the land of the sunflowers rather than being returned to me!!!
Our documents SHOULD be back on track, heading to the land of sunflowers.  In this crazy roller coaster week, all I have left to do is put my hands up and enjoy the ride.  No doubt this week has taken my breath away, made me cry, scared me to death, and been a rush of pure adrenaline, just like a roller coaster ride. 

In putting my hands up, I have given it over to God.  There are three ways this adoption could go.  There is one option that is most favorable, one that is favorable, and one that is not so tolerable (at the moment at least.).  We could 1. have our papers submitted and travel very quickly yet this summer.  Families currently are receiving 5 days notice to travel.  #2.  We could have our paperwork submitted, but not be able to travel until fall, after the 3 month reorganization of adoptions concludes.  #3  We could possibly have to do many of our documents again due to them expiring or being different than what the new adoption laws require.  At the moment, I have found peace in the unknown.  The paperwork is out of my hands and out of my control.  I have to remember that God has the perfect plan, even when it doesn't meet my "perfect plan".

Our prayer tonight is that after the big snafu getting our documents out of Ohio, we hope they travel safely and quickly to the land of sunflowers and reach the hands of those who need them in time.  I would love to see the Sunflowers at their peak.  My children in another country aren't getting any younger and I long to hold each of them in my arms.  No child deserves to wait any longer for a forever family.

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Stacy said...

Beautifully said. You and your kids are in our prayers!