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Monday, August 8, 2011

Off the Hampster wheel

For the last three weeks I felt like I have been a hamster in one of those tiny wheels, running round and round, but not going anywhere.  I kept going, day to day, waiting for word about a travel date, without hearing word as days, then weeks passed.  I felt like a pregnant lady, past her due date. Your know-  people ask "When are you due?" and the lady anxiously lady awaiting the arrival of her newborn says "3 days ago....", and then you feel bad for asking!  That's me, people would ask "Any travel news?" and all I could respond was "Hopefully next week!"....it got old!
Today is Monday, the day that travel dates are typically handed out.  I woke up and realized that I didn't get a call to wake me up.  I was disappointed, and texted Doug to tell him there was no news today.  The I texted Brigitte, our awesome Reece's rainbow stateside contact to joke with her "You were suppose to wake me up today!"  Then she called. When I answered, I said to her, "this doesn't count as a wake up call....!"  She responded with "Cara.....I have a travel date for you!"  YEA!
We have a date to meet with the government officials on Wednesday, August 31.  We will plan to leave Ohio at least two days before that.
So, I'm officially off the hamster wheel.  No more running in circles, waiting for word.  We have a date!  Time to start packing, surveying what we have to travel, what we need, and get the girls ready for a great adventure with Grandparents and great friends! 
In preparation for travel, the girls and I went shopping to look for big brother's clothing.  He will need to have clothes for court.  This is what the girls and I picked out:

And then just because Papa couldn't resist, an outfit for little brother:

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