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Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday visit, 9/5

Up at 8:00am to a ringing doorbell.  Doug looked out and didn't know the man standing at the door, so didn't answer it. (We've been given instructions not to answer the door if we don't know the person--makes good sense.)  A few minutes later, T called and asked if we had let the man in. (Uh, no.) She then told us it was the guy who was going to fix the internet in the apartment, so to let him in! :) (Ooops!)After about 20 minutes, the gentleman had the internet fixed in the apartment and was on his way.  I was still tired and have had some ear pain on & off, so I went back to bed for another hour. :)
This morning we went to exchange money, then to our little market down the street that the three ladies that work there know us as "America". (So cute!)  We bought a few potatoes, onions, and a fruit which we have yet to find in the US, but Doug enjoyed very much the last time we were here in Ukraine.  It is a persimmon.  After eating his today, he declared "It's official, we have to come back to Ukraine and adopt again, so I can have this fruit."  (I think it might be cheaper to truck in persimmons!)
A yummy lunch, then time to get ready for a visit with Max.  I called Y, who is in the capital city to see if she had heard when our appointment was, so that we could tell Max when we would see him next.  Y said she submitted things today, so she would know tomorrow, but to get tickets for the overnight train Tuesday and be in the capital city Wednesday morning.
We took the laptop with us to the orphanage so that we might be able to let Max and the girls talk.  When we arrived, we asked a lady, who turned out to be his English teacher.  She said he was still in class, but she would let him know we were there.  About 15 minutes later, and a phone call from T, Max came outside.
We were able to go into school and upstairs to his English classroom and sit where it was quiet to call the girls.  Being 7 hours ahead of Ohio time, the girls were still in their pajamas, bedhead and all.  There wasn't a lot of conversation, but I think the three kids had a good time just seeing one another.
Once we had talked to family, Max had a chance to talk to Dasha and Angie at home.  It is interesting to listen to a child in Ukraine who knows English, and a child in Ohio, who knows Russian, converse.  Dasha remembers her Russian language well, so the conversation between the two was in Russian.  She told Max to be a good boy! :)
After Skyping, we went outside and Max showed us around the orphanage grounds.  We talked about what our time in Ukraine would look like and what he could expect.  He understands that he will be gaining a brother in addition to the two sisters he has at home waiting for him.  He understood that he will have to go to court and answer questions that the judge asks of him.  I think he is ready, but wants a concrete date of "when", and that we do not have.
We finished our visit with a little bit of video games and Mama video taping him and pestering him. :)  A Max video wouldn't be complete without the signature Max eye-crossing! :)

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Lisa G said...

Wow! Max is looking much more like a teenager! Can't imagine how you guys are feeling sitting right there w/him! Your little M at home was hysterical at school on Wed. I think she liked my Peppa Pig impression-I've been practicing!