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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Second day in Kiev

Our second day in Kiev was an eventful learning experience.  We learned how to ride the tram, how to store our luggage at the train station, build our endurance walking up a very long hill to the SDA, learned to be patient both in a restaurant with very slow service and at the SDA waiting for our referral.  We learned how to sit for 6 hours on a train facing someone we did not know and someone who did not speak our language.  We learned how to take the last train/subway from the train station all the way to our metro stop.  We learned how to be confident walking dark streets after midnight.  I can honestly say that we were able to keep our sanity thanks to Anya who helped us every step of the way.
Our referral was suppose to be ready early due to the fact we had to catch a 5:00pm train out of the capital city.  Referrals are typically issued from 4-5pm, but we were told ours would be ready early.  We arrived a few minutes before 3:00pm and called our contact person.  I must have misunderstood the day before, I thought we were meeting someone there that would help us understand the language and help us pick up the referral.  The team must have more confidence than I have in myself.  We were given directions via phone on where to go and wait.  Our name should be called and we could sign the papers needed and pick up the referral.
We went as instructed and waited the amount of time that we were told, plus some.  A few people came in and out the door, some to submit paperwork, some to ask questions, some to have appointments.  Then, a lady came out the door, looked towards us and asked us something, which I did not understand.  Thankfully Anya was with us and when the lady asked "And you, what are you here for?" Anya was able to tell them we needed to pick up our referral letter.  Some more waiting, then a second lady came out with the needed paperwork.
We had to wait on a facilitation team member to pay for our apartment for the night and turn in the apartment key.  Let's just say we waited long enough that we began to wonder if we would make our train!
I would say that today was one of the most frustrating days in the process.  I'm not sure if it was that wires were crossed, mis-communication or lack of communication.
Thankfully we made it back to the apartment safely and can look forward to seeing "Kostya" tomorrow.

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