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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Patterson Family adoption fundraiser

I have been following the Patterson family blog for over two years.  Their daughter Chrissy was adopted from the same orphanage as our sweet Mila!

God grew the Patterson family from 3 kids to 10 (soon to be 12 kiddos) in less than 3 years. In 2007, the Patterson's had three biological children (ages 9,11, 7) at home.  In 2007, God called their family to adoption!  What a journey it has been!  And now, today, in 2011, they have 10 children, with the countries of Haiti, Columbia, Serbia, and the US represented in their family.  The Patterson's have paperwork in Ukraine, hoping to adopt two boys they hosted last summer.  Soon, they will be a family of 12! 
The Patterson's are selling awesome t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, and window decals to help fund their trip to Ukraine to bring the boys home.  They hope to travel before Christmas!

God on over to Lorraine's blog and check out all the cool gear and help a family bring their boys to the forever home!

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Jill said...

Proud of you guys! How I would love to be able to take a child as you have & give them a home. I am 60 & have diabetes; I don't have a lot of money just a lot of love. I have small pets that's how I share my love...
May God give you many blessings & bring those boys home... Love to you & your family. someone in Kerrville, TX