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Thursday, December 15, 2011


When Elijah came home, we took him to the International Adoption Clinic.  There he was evaluated and referred to various other specialist.  We have been to see the Cardiologist, the audiologist, the DS Clinic, and had a swallow study done.  He has had PT and OT evals (more on that in another post!!) We have referrals for genetic testing, the ophthalmologist, and a sedated Echo to be done. 
One of the many tests they did was to check Elijah's thyroid levels.  When the initial results of all his blood work came back, his white blood cell count was low as well as his thyroid levels.  The doctor asked us to redo those two tests to see if the results came back any different.  Last Monday, Doug took Eli to have the second round of blood work done.  Dr. Powell called again today to say that Elijah's thyroid levels are still low.  He is impressed to see that he has gained weight since we have been home, which gives him hope that his thyroid is working, even if minimally.  We have to re-do the blood work again in mid-January.  If the levels are still low, he will then refer us to an endocrinologist.
Eli is as happy as can be.  His sisters love him to pieces.  Mila asks daily "where's Eli?"  and "Is Eli going with us?" (Like there is an option!)  Hannah's favorite thing is to give him a bottle.
The girls ask daily if it's a day that we can call and talk to Max.  We can't wait until Christmas break where we can call him daily if we like!!

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