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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Welcome Summer

It's crazy that May is almost over!  Where did the month go??

Our family has been busy and I have neglected our blog.  So many nights when I laid down in bed I thought of things I could blog about and wished that there was a thought to type ap so that my thoughts would appear on the blog.  Maybe I'm on to something!!
May began with an official letter to confirm that we are now on a wait list for a Canine Companion for Independence dog.  Mila is beyond excited.  She tells everyone "I'm gonna get a dog...I just have to wait until they call me!"

This May we celebrated Eli's first birthday at home, and birthday number 2.  We attempted the "smash cake", but when I put the piece of cake in front of him, he hardly touched it, then complained at me, almost to say "Mama, why did you put this piece of cake by me but you're not feeding me!!"  Once I picked up the spoon and began to feed him, he was very happy!

For his fist birthday home he got a push and ride trike.  The day after his birthday, he got road rash from taking a spill on his trike with a little help from his sister!

I'm sure it isn't the last of bumps, bruises, and scrapes in his life.  Papa was there quickly to scoop him up and clean him up!

Hannah and Mila celebrated their last days of preschool and kindergarten on the 24th.  Hannah got an award for excellent effort, which made us very proud.  Our young lady works very hard (most times) to keep right up with her peers and works very hard despite her visual and physical limitations to be like all her peers.

So, for the Layne family, all 6 of us, summer has begun.  Mila and Hannah finished school on the 24th and Max finished on the 25th.  The girls' plans for summer is to sleep in, play, and swim as much as possible.
Sprinkler fun after last day of school
Max will head to camp on the 6th of June for about a month.  Eli will continue to play and reek havoc on anything he gets his hands on!  My goal for the summer is to clean up our house and prepare for son #2 to arrive home just shortly before school starts in August.  Let's hope I get some time to take some pictures of the kids having fun!

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