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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Garden summer, fun days

This summer our garden has supplied us with countless vegetables!  I have zucchini and cucumbers coming out my ears!!

I have made multiple casseroles, frozen zucchini for a chilly winter day, and made a vast array of different dill pickle recipes above and beyond my tried and true sweet pickle recipe. 

We've seen how many ways we can use and consume zucchini in one day!  From casseroles, to breads, to cupcakes!

Last week we made applesauce, and today we made creamed corn to put in the freezer!

I have truly enjoyed the time spent with my Mom as we made applesauce last week and corn today.  The kiddos go with me and love to hang out at Grandma's house.  Grandpa loves Mila.  He makes a special trip over in his tractor with a loader and puts her wheelchair in the bucket and takes it across the road to his house so Mila can ride her power chair.  Mila LOVES pretending she has all sorts of animals and spends her time powering to and from the barn on the driveway, talking about how this animal got loose and what she is feeding these animals.  I love to listen to her stories!  Hannah rides  out Grandma's long lane, and enjoys pedaling her bike freely.

Today, Hannah and Eli had a great time watching and playing with Grandma's kitten Izzy. 

Izzy would hide in the flowers and Hannah and Eli would talk to her, trying to convince her to come out and play.

Izzy would come to the edge of the flowers and lay low in a spot under the flower stems so she could see the kids and the kids could see her.

And then, she would playfully pounce.  And Hannah and Eli would squeal with delight.  And the process started all over again!!

Eli followed Izzy all over the yard today and tried his best to say her name, continually calling "Izz, Izz".

 Today was a great day spent with family, enjoying the simple treasures of little ones laughter and delight in a whiskered kitten and imaginary animals!

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