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Friday, July 18, 2014

Mexico mission, the trip

Ive been home from Mexico for three weeks.  There has been so much on my heart since that trip, I needed time to process it.  I needed time to pray and thank the Lord for all his great blessings.  I can't wait to tell you all about my trip. There is so much I want to tell, I decided to break it into three parts-- The Trip, The Work, The People.

The Trip

When I heard about the mission trip to Aguascalientes, Mexico, I was determined to go.  I LOVE being in the presence  of kids.  And since the day we stepped in an orphanage in Eastern Europe in 2007 to adopt Hannah, I have never felt closer to God, than when we are adopting and caring for orphans.  So when our church announced the trip, I wanted to go.  What made the trip even sweeter was our good friends, Jared and Bethany were going on the trip.  Jared was leading the trip.  Jared has traveled to the orphanage in Aguascalientes twice before.

Jared- our fearless leader, after one of the many days of lifting buckets of rock and sand to mix concrete.

As with every mission trip, you are encouraged to send out letters to friends and family to ask if they would help fund your trip.  This is the part I always struggle with.  I do not like to ask others for money.  I know what it is like to go through a season of financial struggle.  I also knew that at this point in time, we as a family did not have the funds to finance the trip ourselves.  I sent out some letters and prayed.  Slowly, money came in.  There was a deadline that a certain amount needed to be raised, and I was short of that amount.  I was beginning to question going.  Maybe this wasn't where God wanted me.  Maybe my place was at home with my children.  One evening I texted Jared to say that I wasn't sure if I would go.  The funds were not coming in and we didn't have the money to supplement.  Then he texted me back and said "your trip has been paid in full, stop stressing and have a good evening".  I'll never know who funded the rest of my trip, but I know that God was giving me a true sign that I was going on a trip in June to love on some kiddos.

As time drew near the trip, doubt started to creep in.  Doug will tell you I'm a 'worst case scenario" person.  I plan for the worst case scenario, because if it happens, at least I'll be prepared!!  I began to worry about my kids, my family that I was leaving behind for a week.  And to make matters worse, I have one (we now know two) kiddos that have separation anxiety.  It's interesting how many buried emotional scars our children carry, even after years after being adopted.  Thankfully, our flight out of Columbus was early morning, so I tucked the kiddos into bed the night before and I was gone in the morning when they woke.  I think that is way easier (on both of us) than a teary goodbye at the airport.

I was the only single on the trip.  Every other person took a spouse, son, daughter, or mother with them.  And then there was me.  The single.  The only claim to fame I had was having the most stamps in my passport...and knowing how to pack a suitcase to the max weight without being over 49.5 pounds!
Jordan and I on our first of two flights to Mexico.
Customs was very different in Mexico than the other countries I have traveled to.  No passport control person behind thick glass with a small hole in which you pushed your passport through.  The lady smiled--very unlike the other countries I've traveled to.

Jesse picked us up at the airport.  Jesse and his family are originally from Canal Winchester.  After several mission trips to Dulce Refugio, Jesse and Faith stepped out in Faith and moved their family to Mexico to serve at the orphanage.  Check out their blog here http://thebecxicanwire.wordpress.com/.  We rode about a half hour from the airport into town.  To my surprise, the orphanage is right in town.  WHAT?!?!  Orphanages I have known about are tucked away outside of small villages or on the outskirts of town.  Very rarely are the right in the middle of town.  Our sleeping arrangements were at the orphanage.  The girls had a room in the girls dorm and the guys had a room in the boys dorm.  It was nice.  Though I was a single on the trip, I never was alone.

The view from my bed of the room the girls stayed in.
Boys dorm on the left, girls dorm on the right.
The orphanage is beautiful.  Bright and colorful.  Well kept.  You can tell that the staff and children there take pride in their home.  As I looked around, I felt a sense of calm.  A sense of peace.  In a way, I felt very at home.  In my heart, I know that God has a great plan for me-- a great plan for my family.  He has already lead us to adopt four children.  Four children, who were once orphans.  Now our children are home, loved and part of a forever family. My frist night as I layed in my bed and prayed, my prayer was simple.  "Lord, use me to do your will this week.  Allow me to show love through my actions and everything that I say and do. Amen"

Another picture of the boys dorm and the awesome castle structure built for the kids.
The week went quickly and before you knew it, it was time to come home.  This place made such an impression on my heart.  I look forward to the opportunity to return.

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