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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eventful weekend

We got a lot done this weekend!
Doug got home from North Carolina Thursday evening. On Friday morning we went to breakfast at Bob Evans, then made a trip to Home Depot to buy some lumber for a new deck. In previous weeks we have been pulling out bushes at the back of the house to prepare for building a new deck. It is so wonderful to have a carpenter husband, who has all the necessary tools and know-how to get a project done.

Doug started the joyces Friday morning and by Saturday afternoon (after an early morning game of paintball with his friends) he had it framed up and ready to put deck boards. Hannah loved being Papa's little helper all weekend.

She even found treasures as she was helping....a rock or two! Our brother-in-law Mike, came and helped Doug for a couple of hours on Saturday, while my sister Kim and her boys (our nephews) played in the pool with Hannah. Later in the evening, Bethany came over for dinner, and again, we watched and admired Doug's carpentry work.

Sunday we went to church and celebrated Mom's birthday. To Mom's surprise, she got a TJ Bearytales from Hannah for her birthday. Mom has an old Teddy Ruxpin that Hannah really wants to interact with, but Teddy has seen his day, and is tired. SO....we got Mom the new edition! When we got home, we all took naps. Doug needed some extra sleep to prepare for his 10:00pm departure for Raleigh. We spent a couple hours outside tonight finishing putting all the deck boards on the deck. It's my job this week to finish putting in the screws! Thankfully I have a right-hand girl, who asks me "more screws Mom?" and willingly hands me the screws I need.
We came into the house and had a late dinner. Hannah had to make sure Papa sat next to her while eating! She loves her Papa and she struggles to understand his 4-day absence.

All in all it was a great weekend. Next weekend we hope to get the steps put in the deck, replace the boards on the existing deck, and put up some railing!

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