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Sunday, July 13, 2008

That's the way LOVE goes

Well, where to begin.....

A year ago, we hosted a little man from an Ukrainian orphanage for the third summer. During his stay in America, we got a letter from the SDA in Ukraine, stating he was available for adoption.
And here is where the roll-a-coaster ride begins. On a Sunday morning, after the little man's return home to Ukraine, we received an e-mail from our translator, giving us a date of October 30 for an appointment at the SDA. Three days later, we get another e-mail (what we now know our translator was best at) sending us a simple short e-mail stating that his mother was working on getting her rights re-established. WHAT???? After four years of not seeing him, with little to no contact, now that we want to love this little man forever, you return into the picture?
Many sleepless nights followed, with many tears shed. Without knowing what to do, we continued to call our little man. We called the morning his mother came to the orphanage to get him. He told us he wanted to wait for us to come get him, but he ended up going home with his mom.
Here we are, late August 2007, with an SDA date in our laps, not knowing what to do. Doug and I both knew that God had lead us to Ukraine for a reason, so we trusted HIM and prayed lots, and traveled to Ukraine, praying that HE would make our decision clear to us.

Fast forward from October 2007 to the present July of 2008. We are incredibly blessed to have a beautiful little girl in our lives. God couldn't have made things any clearer for us. Abigail Hannah is a name we have liked for if and when we had a daughter. In our SDA appointment, they presented a file to us of a little girl named Hanna! We have been home 7 months and life is wonderful. I enjoy everyday of being a Mama. Watching Hannah grow and listening to her language expand by leaps and bounds is amazing.

About a month ago, I began thinking of all the "what ifs". What if Max's mom didn't show up? What if we chose to end our journey? What if we hadn't gone to Ukraine? What if we had passed on Hannah's referral? The one thing I know, is IF we (or someone else) had not said yes to Hannah's referral, she would have been moved to an institution at the age of 5. She would have been placed with other children with various disabilities and her chances of being adopted would have been slim to none. It makes me cry to think of it. So then I started thinking about my sister Amy (who has Down Syndrome) and how lucky she is to have been born to a family who loves her unconditionally and in a country that embraces difference. Some kiddos are not so lucky to have such circumstances.

....and that is the way LOVE goes. Doug and I have always wanted the unwanted. As a special education teacher, I love to root for the Underdog. I love to delight in the simple joys that life brings. And with that thought, many prayers, we are contemplating beginning a second journey in the hopes to add to our family.

Some may say, it's too soon. I've learned (and been reminded -thanks Megan) that if it is on your heart, it is because God has been knocking. HE knows what is best. HE knows when we are ready. Most of all, HE knows my heart and what I long for.


mom2roma said...

You're bringing tears to my eyes! I'm so proud of you for following your hearts! We'll be praying for you every step of the way!!

Bob Rawson said...

this is very wonderfull story of a family coming together.

Bob Rawson