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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Watch your tongue!

Oh, the things little ears pick up!

Yesterday evening Doug and Hannah went to school with me to get some much needed work done at school. Doug sat down at one computer and Hannah at the other. Hannah, being the button pusher, had trouble waiting for the computer to "wake up". She didn't understand that pushing lots of buttons didn't help speed up the process! So when the computer would not work she asked "why no working Mama?" I was a tad annoyed that the computer was defunct and I was using my time to help when Doug was sitting at the computer next to her. So when she asked, I ramble off a long answer that went something like this:
"Oh Hannah, Mama's computer is old and slow, and pushing buttons doesn't help this piece of crap work any faster". Wouldn't you know, of all words to pick up, she picked up on "crap"! GREAT! Later, standing at my book area of my classroom she would pick up a book and then drop it saying "Oh crap!" WONDERFUL!!! (Hey, I am proud that she used it in the correct context!)

Today, while talking to Jen on my cell phone, the call was dropped multiple times. On the third disconnection, I looked at the phone in disgust and said "Oh, what the heck???" After dinner, Hannah walked over to the cabinet and tried to get the door down. When the door wouldn't pull down, I heard her say "What the heck! I can't do it!" (Again, she used the words correctly....)

Thankfully, yesterday's "crap" hasn't returned, so we can hope that today's "what the heck" doesn't return tomorrow! Thank goodness that's the worst she has heard!

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MamaPoRuski said...

LOL! Yes, the words they chose to hear and remember...sigh!