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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mommy moments

There have been many mommy moments in the past months. So many that I take for granted. Take this morning as an example....
Tuesday is PT day. Hannah goes to school with me each day. Her preschool classroom is right next to my classroom. Jada (the PT) is typically at school, in our hallway, working with another kiddo upon our arrival each Tuesday morning. Today when Jada came in to tell Hannah it was time for her work-out, Hannah crawled over to me, crawled up on my lap, and told me "I don't wanna go 'wish' Jada. Hannah no lika' Jada!" So I spent a half hour of my time before kiddos arrived, participating in PT with Hannah. Annoyed at the moment, but sitting here tonight, I look at that moment as 'bonded'. Hannah was worried Jada was going to take her from her Mama.
Then tonight, the grump refused to sleep in her bed. She just wanted to sleep 'wish' Mama. She told me "Hannah be Papa in your bed Mama". I know she misses Doug horribly when he is gone during the week working. Frustrated, I tucked her into my bed and sat down at the computer. (I really had planned to take my shower as soon as she went to bed, but hate to leave her upstairs by herself). For about 10 minutes I heard her talking and singing, and then there was silence. Upon walking into my room, there is the most wonderful sound....snoring. (Funny because when I tucked her into my bed [on Papa's side, where she had to be] she told me "Mama, I snore in your bed!")
There are moments that I get overwhelmed. Moments when she is crying because she doesn't want to leave Grandma's house. She gets so upset because we have taught her to use her words, and she does wonderfully (Mama, please I play in Bama's downstairs?) but doesn't get what she wants. Moments when she doesn't want to take a bath. Moments when she argues (another downfall of all those words she knows!) Doug and I are a great parenting team, and I miss him being my partner in discipline. Then God gives me moments like the peaceful snoring, the giggles, the asking "Mama I cuddle 'wish' you, and the kisses each night before bed that make my day brighter.

Hannah is such a lover. She loves to mother her cousin Maria. Just tonight, Maria (6 months) and Hannah were having a great "conversation". Maria would coo at Hannah, and Hannah would imitate her, and so it continued for at least 5 minutes. Hannah is going to be a great big sister. I am anxiously awaiting those overwhelming moments of being a mother of two and having twice the 'warm-fuzzy' moments too.

Would you please pray for the country our little one is living in? Pray for 'baby M' and for our family that we might be together very soon? Thank you.

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Susi said...

Hi Cara, Doug, and Hannah!!

I was so excited to see Little Miss while i was visiting my family over Thanksgiving. She has made leaps and bounds in the year that she has been with her new family. She is an angel and you are blessed to have found her, and she is even more blessed to have found you :) Maybe I will get to see the lucky parents over the Christmas holiday? Hugs to you all!!