We have been blessed with two special daughters and two sons from Eastern Europe. We welcome you to follow our journey as a family of five, waiting to travel and pick up #6, with the ins and outs of family, education, farm life, and love!

Friday, December 5, 2008


All I want for Christmas is...... my princess.
How can one love someone that you have never met, but known it is meant to be...
I wonder what her giggle sounds like?
I wonder what makes her giggle?
Will she be as big as Hannah?
I never thought my heart would long for something so much.
What does the Lord have planned?
I wish I could see the big picture! (Yet I know, that isn't any fun!)

I look at her picture each night as I log off the internet (her picture is our wallpaper on our PC) and long to reach into the computer, scoop her up, and kiss those chubby cheeks and tell her how much she is loved. We pray one day we will be able to make this dream a reality. With faith, all things are possible. Just step out of the boat and let God lead you into the water. I'm ready. I'm ready to step out, sail across the ocean and meet the little one we long for!


MamaPoRuski said...

That is the true miracle of adoption and motherhood! Dreaming of holding our babies soon! God Bless!


HAVE " FAITH" !!! You will one day see your little Serbian Princess..

McKenna said...

Praying for you to get to your little angel SOON!!!

Michelle said...

I will be praying tonight!!!!