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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The beginnings of a Big Girl

We have been working on using the potty....consistently. Although the caretakers in her baby house told us that she only wore "pampers" when she visited us a year ago, and I saw pottys in the groupa room, Hannah had no big desire to potty on her own. She has had #2 down for months, telling someone when she has to go, but #1 has been another issue.

In the last few months we have tried on and off with medial success on going potty. Hannah still doesn't typically tell me when she has to pee, but will gladly go when the timer goes off. She is dry at night and through naps, so she has all the signs of being ready.

The next issue was finding undies to fit her! First we used pull-ups (that have the Velcro sides~ tightened tot he max, otherwise they just fall down) and called them big girl undies. Then we moved into Easy ups, because they had Dora on them. Then the search for real undies began! What do you do with a 4 year old that has a 17" waist and weighs almost 20 pounds? We already use a daiper pin her pants, I'm not pinning underwear! The smallest underwear you can find are 2-3T, which are WAY too big! Jen found some Gerber training pants that just barely fit (meaning they don't fall off at first move, but are easily pulled off) that Hannah is excited about.

So with all the hype of being a big girl, we found Dora sheets and have a twin bed waiting for her. Tonight we went to Mom's to pick up the mattress. For now, it is on the floor in her little room, until we get the girls' room finished. This way, on a dry day, she sleeps on the floor in her big girl bed. On days she pees in her undies, she sleeps in her crib beside her big girl bed.

So tonight will be the test. Will she stay in her bed? She has never tried to crawl out of her crib, but when she can just roll out of bed and crawl to the door, it might be more appealing. I'll let you know tomorrow how the night went!

And now, for a few pictures! Look at how little she looks in a bed!! :)

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Sonia said...

Cara Anna is also small not that small however Fruit of the Loom 2-3t painties are smaller then the others and fit Anna so try a pack maybe they are small enough. Anna's are my little pony. Walmart I think.