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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What a Day!

Our weather forecast in Ohio was suppose to have a messy morning commute, and since Hannah had an eye appointment at Children's Hospital, I wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to get there. Thankfully the roads weren't bad. (That's not to say I didn't get behind the most poky drivers known to man!!)

Hannah's eye appointment went well. The doctor is pleased with progress Hannah has made with her glasses. She would like to continue seeing progress, so would like us to patch her eye for three hours every day! Upon leaving the office, the lady at the desk asked me if I wanted to purchase an embroidered eye patch for $9.99 or if I would like a free one...... Was that REALLY a choice??? Let's just say, Hannah has a lovely, purple FREE patch with a unicorn on it!

When we left Children's we had enough time to run home, grab a PB&J sandwich and pick up the script for the TheraTogs before heading to Lancaster. Oh, and a few minutes of "cookin' dinnuh! (She loves that kitchen!)

The appointment at Hanger Orthopedic went well. Short, simple, and sweet. They measured her, watched her walk and observed her tone. The man also measured what degree of angle she could get her knees to. (She has made great progress, but her knees still don't straighten completely.) We should know in a day or two how much our insurance will cover and then look to the county MRDD for help.

After two appointments for Hannah, I needed to run and pick up another birth certificate for myself. I tell you, if I've purchased one birth certificate, I've purchased 10! Oy! At $22.00 a piece! (But sadly, that's a drop in the adoption bucket!) Silly me, when we went the last time (before Thanksgiving) I forgot about needing to send one to USCIS, and only got one for our dossier. Well, I sent the one I had for our fingerprints, so I still needed one for our dossier. And since I had the day off for doctor's appointments, might as well go today! When we entered the building Hannah asked what we were doing. I told her I needed a birth certificate so we could go get M. When we had the paper in hand and walking out the door, she asked "K Mama, we go get M now???" (She asked the same thing when she had her medical done....she is Soooo ready!)

Then we came home so Hannah could have a nap. I needed to feed the horses. I bundled up in my Carhartt bibs and warm coat and trudged across the road to give the girls (Belle and Ginger) hay and grain once Hannah was out cold. Dad was loading cattle, so the horses were in the front lot, so they needed to wait to come in the barn to eat! they were glad to come in for some good "munchies"!

Hannah stayed with Mom and Dad (and her favorite Aunt Amy!) tonight because I had to be at school for Parent-Teacher conferences! On the drive home, the snow was coming down so heavy, and blowing, it was hard to know where the road was at times. I'm not one to be afraid of driving in the snow, but when the yellow line isn't visible, it is a tad worrisome! As a friend said, just as long as I keep it between the mustard and the mayo!

So there is our day in a nutshell! NO WAIT! One other thing....how could I forget???? We got an envelope in the mail today from Homeland Security for an appointment to have our "biometrics" taken! They gave us two options for dates and times. One on a weekday and one on a Saturday. So to celebrate Doug's birthday on the 24th, we are going to downtown Columbus to have our fingerprints taken!!! YEA!

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MaybeMama said...

How sweet that she was all ready to go get her sister. It's so hard for the little ones to wait since they don't understand the how's and why's.

congrats on getting the appts for biometrics!