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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Growing like a Weed

We got new pictures of our big little girl today! I can't believe how much she has grown! Unless the pictures are very deceiving of her size, I think it is safe to say she might be bigger than Hannah! (That's not hard to do at 4 20 pounds and 34", size 5 shoe, 24 month pants with a pin in them to keep them up!)

I'm glad to see her in a stander. Standing means they are working on her leg muscles. She looks pretty content being in there! Her cheeks look fuller than the last pictures we had. She must be carrying some extra padding for the winter months. Her hair doesn't look as shiny as before, which doesn't go along with the chubby cheeks. When we brought Hannah home her hair was so dull in color--a sign of under nourishment and/or illness. Once we got her eating well (and all types of food) her hair quality improved!

I love the curls! Looks like I might have another unruly head of hair to deal with! Can't wait!


Amanda said...

Great pictures! She's adorable!

Amanda (RR)

Anonymous said...

She is Beautiful! I can't wait to pinch those little cheeks. you guys are so blessed. Patty