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Monday, January 26, 2009

Ready. set,.....whoa!!!

There are moments in this adoption that I wish I could jump on a plane tomorrow and go get our little one. News from today, makes me realize that it won't be much longer!

'S' here in the US talked to 'J' in Serbia who told us that our little one is ready to roll as soon as we get our paperwork across the pond! 'S' told me when she sent her paperwork, it was a matter of 2-3 weeks after her paperwork crossed the pond that she was headed to get their little one. Ready, set, WHOA....What??? Wow, 2-3 weeks.....from when our paperwork is sent over?? I was ready for the Ukrainian type answer "plan on 1-2 months after your paperwork is turned in...." Once again, I am reminded, this is not Ukraine!
So hypothetically, if our paperwork is completed and sent over in February, we could be traveling mid to late March???

I am thrilled to hear that M's paperwork is complete. We know of a family that is waiting on their little one's paperwork to be turned into the ministry. Each kiddo in the country has a 'social worker' per say. Depending on how pro-adoption/motivated the 'social worker' is varies in how quickly the paperwork is completed. We are thankful there are no glitches or hang-ups. The mid to late March date just comes as a surprise. (Doesn't fit with the ideal 6 weeks of maternity leave...I would have to go back before the end of the year! Yuck!)

I have planned a school overnight camping trip with my kiddos in late April (23-24) and thought I would still be at school. I had a May travel date in my mind! It's not a big deal if I don't go on the trip, I just feel bad that I planned it, and might not be there to go with them! We had so much fun 4 years ago when we went!

I should know to expect the unexpected in adoption, but this one blind sighted me! Guess I ought to get busy and get things prepared at school, at home, and with Hannah! OY! So much to do!


MaybeMama said...

Isn't it amazing how different the programs are from one country to the next when it comes to international adoption?!? The more I hear about the Serbia program the more excited (and nervous) I get. It took over a year for our Kazakhstan adoption, so the idea of a quick process is mind blowing.

MamaPoRuski said...

What great news! Can't wait to hear that your paperwork is safely delivered!