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Saturday, January 24, 2009

One step forward

Today is Doug's birthday...the big 3-0!

Doug is on his was to mail our homestudy to our agency! YEA! It is such a good feeling to have one more step complete! Later today, we are traveling to Columbus to have our fingerprints taken! I am hoping it goes smoothly. When we had our fingerprints taken for our BCI/FBI checks, the lady couldn't get a fingerprint for my left pinky! (No amputation or injury that I can remember...and 2 years ago when we completed round #1, I had 10 fingerprints!)

Our prayer is that our homestudy will be completed quickly. It expires in the middle of February, so I hope everyone is motivated to get things done in a timely manner. Our case worker told us it wouldn't take long to do the update.....but we have heard that before! J sent us e-mail to check in on our status and said "M is waiting for you...." Oh, make my heart ache!

I was a little overwhelmed this week with a new president, lots of changes in our country, and how that might affect travel outside the country. I am a natural worrier, so I need to just let go, and let God.

My class received a sizable grant from WalMart, so we are planning to take the kids to an overnight nature camp experience. We have it scheduled for April 23-24. I really hope I get to go with the kids. It was a great experience when we took them 4 years ago! May would be an awesome travel time for us!

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MaybeMama said...

When I had my fingerprints done for the FBI check and for the USCIS check (in our kaz adoption) I was told both times I had very unusual prints. I guess I wouldn't have a very successful criminal career.