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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dossier Checklist

There are 11 items on our dossier list. Here is the rundown of what we are finished with and what is left to do before sending our documents across the pond!

1. Formal letter
2. Written biography
3. Completed home study
4. Copies of birth certificates
5. Copy of marriage license
6. FBI clearance
7. Medical statements
8. Financial records
a. Bank statements
b. income tax return forms
c. letter from current employer
d. deed to your home
9. I-171 approval from USCIS
10. Copy of passports
11. Photographs of family and home

Of these 11 items, we still need to:
  1. Get our bank statements. (We are waiting on our return from our taxes to appear in our account before getting the latest statements)
  2. Have our housing letter notarized. (We live in my grandmother's house.)
  3. Have the approval letter from the USCIS
  4. Finish pictures to send with the dossier.

Oh, and the most important things....make a trip to Hamilton County to have our homestudy notarized, Pickaway county to have other items notarized, then to Columbus to have things apostilled.

My plan is to have everything apostilled and ready to go so when we get our latest bank statements, everything will be ready to go. At the latest, everything should be out the door by March 15! Not that far away!

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