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Friday, February 27, 2009

Almost done!

I just want to say, my husband is wonderful! Yesterday he drove for 4 hours to Cincinnati and back to have our home study county certified. Today he drove to our local county, had all our other documents county vertified, and then went to Columbus and had everything apostilled!!

All that is left to do is to wait for those funds to appear in our account from our tax return and then our papers are ready to send across the pond! Can I hear a "Thank You LORD!!"?
I have tried to call and check on our I-171 status, but all I get in touch with is the automated phone line....grumble grumble! Angie had sent me a e-mail address, so I e-mailed to see about our status. The e-mail response was that "as to date, your home study has not been received". Really? I sent it a week ago! So I sent another e-mail and asked if our home study could be hand delivered. The response was yes. So, on Doug's trip today, he stopped to drop it off. The guard at the front desk was not overly friendly and wouldn't take the home study from Doug, like the e-mail had told me. Instead she told Doug he would have to wait for a representative to come out to speak to him, and made some mention that it might take the rest of the day until someone had time to see him. Thankfully, 10 minutes later, a nice gentleman came out and talked to Doug. He told Doug, our home study could very well be there in a pile, that the office is backed-up right now. He made some mention about a week or two--not sure if that was to begin processing our request, or to have it in hand.
The last pieces are coming together. Now we need to focus on getting the girls' room done and start to mentally prepare traveling and leaving Hannah at home. I think I feel separation anxiety coming on.

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