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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Keep on Plugging away....

Here we are, just plugging away at our adoption info. I've spent time in the last few days being the middle man. There are new things that need to be placed into our dossier, so when I get an e-mail from Shelley, I send it along to our agency. Then the agency typically sends me an response back, and just to be sure that response meets what M's country wants, I send it to Shelley to check. Thankfully, my check back with Shelley today was a good one. Our home study states they will complete any necessary post placement reports, but M's country wants it spelled out in specific increments. Good thing I checked! (Nothing wrong with being a little anal!)

I know it hasn't been that long, but it's the holding pattern that I feel like we are stuck in. Days like today, with changes, gives me the "is it ever going to happen" feeling. Maybe it's just God helping us get through a little more of spring before going to get M. Hannah has doctor appointments in March and early April, and then we should be done for a couple months. By that time we should all be home and we will be ready to take the two girls to the doctor together!

On a side note, Hannah's TheraTogs were ordered yesterday, so we should have those in a week or two. Now I need to get back in touch with Children's Hospital and get her set up with the PT office for some sessions the Physical Medicine doctor wanted once we had TheraTogs!

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