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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday baby girl!

Today, half way around the world, our little girl celebrated her birthday. She turned three today. She no longer is a baby, but a little girl. No longer referred to in months old, but now years old. Past the terrible two's (one could hope!) and on to being an independent "I want to do" attitude.

I've been thinking about our little girl all day. I wonder if anything is special about a birthday while living in a Children's home. In one aspect, I like to wear my rose colored glasses and imagine a extra hug and kiss for my little one on her special day. Maybe she got a special "muffin" or fruit today with a meal. Then I remember the reality of the situation. She is in a place where there are many children, and it is a job to care for the children, let alone remember each one's birthday.

I am hopeful that today, my baby girl, you have celebrated your last birthday with your "groupa" and caregivers. I pray you had a happy day, giggled lots, and someone made you feel loved on your special day. I hope you are sleeping soundly, dreaming of your forever family. Next year, you will be celebrating with Mama, Papa, Hannah, and the entire family! You have no idea how much we love you already. We can't wait to see you, hold you, and kiss and hug you. I pray it won't be much longer now!

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Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to your Sweet Girl!