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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Snow fun

Today our weather has been in the 50s, which is a nice change from last week! Last week we had snow, ice, and then more snow. With this lovely weather, we were out of school for 4 days in a row! I am thankful our driveway is no longer a sheet of ice, and while it was ice, no one fell. (There were some close calls, though!)

One day while in the midst of snow, we took some time out to get sledding. As a young child, my sisters and I would go sledding down the hill in our yard. Think of it as the bunny hill. Once we got older, we would walk out in the field next to the house and sled down the bigger hill. On occasion, Dad would pull us on the sled with the 4 wheeler. As I bundled Hannah up to go sledding for the first time, so many memories ran through my mind.

So....as you can imagine, I spent almost as much time putting all her clothes on as we were outside! In Hannah's defense, she has no internal heating (a.k.a. fat on her bones!) and so she got cold quickly! While we were out, she loved the snow--and rolling in it! She is such an adrenaline junkie that she would literally slide/jump out of the tube at the bottom of the hill!
It was quite a chore playing, as I would sit her in the tube, give her a push down the hill, then go fetch her at the bottom of the hill, and carry she and the tube back up the hill so we could do it all again! Just wait until there are two to bundle and carry to the hill!

(Hannah & Nathan)

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Christine said...

Adorable photos in the snow!