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Thursday, March 26, 2009

On my knees

Life has a way of making you take a step back and look at life and remember all the blessings that are in one's life.....

Doug left for North Carolina today. When he told Hannah last night we would not be here this morning when she got up, she said "Papa, just stay home!" And this morning, when she called for him from her bed, I had to remind her of the conversation she and Papa had last night. She quickly told me "I did tell Papa 'stay home', but Papa did not listen my words!"

Doug has worked so hard to put the finishing 'carpenter' touches on the girls' room. The paint is done, chair rail and crown molding up. We even moved the crib into the room yesterday. Now we just need to finish moving construction 'stuff' out and put the finishing touches into the room!

Our paperwork is in the country, being translated. We are praying for a spring travel date, but know well, that nothing in an adoption is certain, and to expect the unexpected. There have been delays in the country, and so if we do not travel in May, it could be late September or October before we travel. (The country shuts down adoptions for the summer months). "J" is an awesome advocate for the kiddos and the families hoping to adopt. We are dealing with a country that has only know orphanages and institutions and not knowing the possibilities of individuals with disabilities. They do not understand why we are working so hard and advocating so much to adopt a "broken" child that wouldn't be part of society in their country. And yet, we know, we love, we care, and we want the "broken" to make our families whole again!

After putting Hannah to bed, I put some curtains up in the girls' future room. I had to move the crib to put curtains up, so stopped and got on my knees and began to pray. I know the Father loves the least of these, and I do too. I have such love for a little girl, continents away, whom I have never met before, but I love as though she was my own. I want to hear the giggles (and cries) come from that crib. I want her to know the love of a Papa, a Mama, and a Hannah. I want her to know she is loved and wanted. Doug and I feel so blessed to have been called to adopt. I can't think of anything better. I wouldn't want it any other way.

Would you please pray for the country and for "J"? She is going to talk to a top official early next week, hoping to bridge some understanding of why we want these children. If all goes well, I think we might still have a chance of a spring travel date.



Praying for a spring travel date..
The room looks very pretty, the girls will both love it..

And patiently waiting... said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes!! Many times, in fact every day since trying to adopt our first from Serbia I have been praying for "J", the MO and of course our son that we so want to adopt! Thank you for being so honest with your feelings! It is encouraging to see how God works and the change and miracles He can do! And Kristina says the same thing about her daddy. :) We shall pray that God will continue to work!