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Monday, March 30, 2009

Cousin time

Hannah just adores her cousin Nathan!

For Christmas Grandpa and Grandma Layne (otherwise known as "Bababa dogs" [Doug's parents have 2 dogs] and "Big belly Grandpa Gregg") got Hannah a two seat Princess FJ Cruiser Power Wheels. Hannah is so ready to have her sister home to ride with her, but until then, Nathan has done the trick!

I picked both of them up at my Mom's the other day and brought them home to play. I thought Hannah might be picky about who drove her toy, but instead, she was happy to let Nathan drive her aroudn the yard! At one point, she cried when Nathan got out to do something else. when I told her she could drive, she responded "I just want Nathan to drive me around!!"

This week, they tried to make a speed bump out of me, and I have the bruise on my shin to prove it! I think I will stay far out of their way when Nathan is driving. (He must get his driving skills from his mom! Hehe!)

Here are a couple of pictures from their fun play date together!

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