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Friday, April 3, 2009

Passing time

It seems like lots of time has passed since March 17, the day our dossier was mailed from Ohio to eastern Europe. And yet when I really think about it, it has not been THAT long. I guess I'm like a young child trying to wait for Santa to arrive.

Thankfully, the meeting between J and the ministry officials went well on Tuesday. We at least know there is still a chance for a may travel date. That door has not been completely closed. In talking to others, there is just one other family that has their dossier in the country, and I know Christine is ready to go get Emerson!

In an e-mail from J, she said our dossier was being translated and should be submitted to the ministry officials "the next week", which I'm hoping means this coming week! Once it is submitted, J said she would try to push it along to get the final okay.

...and so, we wait. People have asked me so many times, "What's the latest?" "Any new news?" Imagine the looks I get when I tell them we still hope to travel in May, and the response typically is "that's not that far from now! When will you know?" And then I really get to watch their jaw drop and tell them that we could be given 10 days notice to be there!!

So my posting has been minimal on the adoption front. As many of you know, it is a hurry up and wait game in this game of adoption! I've learned to expect the unexpected. (I don't really like the unknown, but have learned as best I can how to deal with it!)

Hannah is so ready to have a sister. She asks all the time if it is time to go get 'M'. She talks about toys she will share and things they will do together. Tonight while picking out new shoes, she even wanted me to get 'M' a pair! We are praying she will have a playmate for the summer!

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