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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eye Doctor

Today was another trip back to Children's Hospital. This time to the pediatric ophthalmologist for a 6 month check up. We started with a specialist in Cincinnati, but when he wanted to see us every 3 months, it was a haul that often. I really like the specialist we see now, but boy is she a busy lady! Going to the eye doctor is no short trip!! You see a very nice lady who speaks English with a thick accent, then inevitably, she tells you there isn't a room open, so you go back to the very busy waiting room, for someone to call your name again. Once you get a room, you then sit in there and wait for the doctor.

Dr. MCGreggor (the ped opto.) is pleased with the progress that Hannah has made. She said her glasses seem to be helping and my poor attempt at patching her eye has made some difference. She said that today they got a consistent read on her lazy eye, and when we return in three months, we will be ready to talk about surgery. What I get from the doctor lingo is, when Hannah first arrived home, here lazy eye was not consistent in how much it turned in. Since the eye surgery will be to tighten the eye muscle, you want the eye to be consistent so one knows how much correction to make. In the 16 months of being home, her eye had improved and become more consistent, so the doctor feels ready to approach/discuss surgery. We return to see her in June.

The thing that always gets me as a parent, is when others comment on your child. Doug and I see Hannah every day. Looking back 16 months, I know she has made leaps and bounds, but yet I think since I do see her every day, I sometimes take it for granted. When Dr McGreggor came in today and Hannah sat up in that big chair and answered her simple questions, she (Dr. McGreggor) put her glasses up on her head, looked at me and said, "I know you are with her every day, but I cannot get over how much she has improved since I last saw her! It's amazing!"

To think Hannah came into this world, no one wanting her, but God, having the ultimate plan, knew she would thrive in a loving family, continued to help her breath after her entry to the world. The Lord protected her through 2 months in a hospital, 3 years int he orphanage, and countless illness. And now, here is our little lady, who today, looked at her "crazy hair" after waking up this morning, and said "Mama, my hair is redicilis!" (ridiculous!) She talked of the baby house for the first time ever in the car this week, all out of the blue.

I love that little girl, so much. Where would I be now without her?
...I'm ready for another one to "speak Hannah's language"--hugs and kisses! I can't wait to get good news from across the pond to go get princess #2!

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Karl and Ashley said...

that is such a beautiful story, and way to put it. so often I get in the pattern of thinking "why would God let these angels live like this?"... but you're so right. He is protecting them every step of the way for his ultimate Glory... thank you for posting!