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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Blues

It is the second day of summer break, and I already have the blues. I am sitting in the office, waiting for Hannah to fall asleep while napping (she is still currently telling her baby doll and "Bob" Elephant that it is nap time and to be quiet!) before I head downstairs to get some more work accomplished.

To all of those who adopted before, you will understand--nothing in adoption is sacred. Nothing about adoption is set in stone. Expect the unexpected. I know that. But why, do we still hope that everything will be smooth sailing? When we first began this journey to "M", our stateside person had told us to put an estimated travel time of February on our I-600A. (We didn't send our paperwork until the first week of March). Then I began to prepare my classroom for the possibility of me traveling while school was in. (Our last day of school was Friday, May 15.) Then I thought maybe we would get travel news on the 13th, then the 15th, and then the 18th. With each passing day, around 3:00pm Ohio time (10:00 EE time) I know there will be no news. And each day I pray for news, but prepare myself for none.

I keep reminding myself that God's timing is perfect. If He says go, we will go. If HE says wait, then we will wait. We followed HIS word when he told us to step out of the boat in faith to begin adoption number 2, I just need to be patient and wait. I need to listen to HIM, rather than all the other forces around me. This lead me to think about Doug's Grandfather. I remember in his last hours, Grandpa kept asking what time it was. Grandma would tell him, and he seemed anxious. When Grandma asked, Grandpa told her Jesus had come to him and told him HE would take him home at 7:00am. Grandpa passed away that same morning, yet after 7:00am. Grandpa was a punctual man, so I'm sure there were some words between he and God that day. It was seven o'clock somewhere...on God's time.

Every day, at least 2-3 times a day, Hannah is asking or telling me something about "M" that they will do together, share, or that "M" will like. Today, as I was helping her off the potty (finally she is potty trained, but still needs help on/off the potty and to wipe b/c of her balance and mobility issues) Hannah was telling me that when "M" has to potty, she will tell her to go to the bathroom and she (Hannah) will help "M" on and off the potty! Too cute!

In time, we will be a family of 4..... HIS time, not mine!

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Deep breath , I will pray for you to be able to travel in June..It will be very pretty in E.E. in June. Little M is so very beautiful, she is worth the wait. She has such a pretty smile. I can't wait to see you holding her.. It will be soon..