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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I have been slow on reporting, sorry.
The Ministry Official came back to work on Monday (May4). I really was expecting for the day to come and go with no news, but deep down hoped for a little bit of news, anything.

Word came Monday afternoon, that 'J' talked to the MO and she thought she might have news of a travel date by Friday, May 15. She made comment that the two other adoptions needed to be finished before we traveled. I totally understand that fact, but in another way, I know that one appointment is on the 13th and the other the 18th, so hopefully we could travel by the time the first adoption is almost complete. Maybe we'll pass Christina going out of the country as we are coming in. J still thinks we could travel at the end of May!!

In one way, the end of May seems so far away, yet if we get travel news next Friday, May 15 and travel by the end of the month, that really only leaves us 10-15 days to prepare and pack. Nothing like the notice we got for our Ukraine adoption (got travel news on August 27th and traveled October 26th!) In all honesty, we'll take the short notice if that means we get to travel before the summer break in M's home country!


Zactly said...

Hope you all get to travel soon. If any body can get it done 'J' can do it.
best wishes,
mom to 5 home grown children and 2 wonderful Serbian Americans.

Karl and Ashley said...

I so hope that you do get to travel before they close! I know that would be so agonizing to have to wait all summer. Who needs a summer break anyway ;)
If not we may travel around the same time in the fall. We are hoping to have our dossier waiting for them the day they get back :)

megan said...

Praying SO hard that you get to travel before summer!! Love you guys!

schoolmother said...

Oh I do hope you can travel in May. Please God, let it be.