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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Busy days

Thursdays are busy days. Of course it's a school day, and it is a special school day...Share Day! Every morning Hannah wakes up and asks 3 questions:
-"Is it wake-up morning time?"
-"Is today a church day or a school day?"
- and "Is it Share Day Mama?"
She loves Thursdays, and being able to take a toy into school to share with her class. This week, while cuddling with Papa and watching cartoons in our bed (while I finished getting ready) she found my teddy bear Henry. (Yes, you read right, I am over 18 and still sleep with a stuffed bear, shall we move along??.....) I had taken Henry the bear to Ukraine with us when we went to get Hannah, so she loves the bear as much as I do. Hannah asked if she could take Henry for Share Day.

After preschool (which Hannah's preschool classroom is right next to my classroom), the teacher asked if the bear was mine because Hannah had told her friends it was mine! Both teachers just giggled and then one admitted to still having a stuffed animal from when she was little.

Thursdays are also therapy days at Childrens Hospital. Doug has Praise Band practice on Thursdays, so Hannah and I head to therapy right after school. Hannah was a grump when I picked her up from the sitter's, so I gave her Henry, and she cuddled with him all the way to therapy and talked to him all the way. When we got out of the car, I asked her if she could ride in her stroller up to therapy, and she replied "Yes Mama, you push me and Henney to therapy". Henry was a great motivator. Henry watched Hannah carry animals, side-step, jump on the trampoline, and even played hide and go seek with her during her therapy session. When I put she and Henry in the carafter her hour of hard work, she was loving on Henry and I heard her say "Henney, I so poud of you! You did good work at therapy!"

On our way home, I was asking Hannah where she wanted to eat dinner. She said "I don't know Mom, Henney did so good in therapy, he can choose!" (Okay....so I waited a while and then asked if "they" had decided) Hannah said, "Mama, I wanna go eat with Pooh!" YIKES! (Side note: We had lunch with Pooh and friends during our trip to Disney for her birthday in October). I tried to explain that it would be wonderful to eat with Pooh, but we would have to get on an airplane to go.."Okay Mama, let's go". Darn, backfire! "But Hannah it is starting to get dark, we can't fly now." She said "It's okay Mama, I like the dark!" "Hannah, Papa has the plane tickets....." "Mama call him!" So I called Doug and told him Hannah wanted to eat with Pooh, and from the back seat, he heard her say "I did good work at therapy.... please Papa!" I finally convinced her Papa had the plane tickets and since he was at Praise Band practice, she would have to wait until tomorrow to go to eat with Pooh....so she settled for Bob's (Evans).

I love the logic of a four year old! Good work deserves reward. Guess we need to work on the value of each reward, so she isn't thinking if she does good, her reward will always be Disney World (although I would love it!!)

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megan said...

Oh come on, Mom!! Don't you WANT to go to Disney every Thursday?!?! You know you'd love it! :)