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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Passing time

The days keep ticking away. Only a few more weeks of school left. With that being said, the next thing to look forward to is PUDDLE JUMPING! We are so ready! A family we know of got a date of May 13 for an appointment in the country. And today, a second family got a date of May 18. I am anxiously awaiting our date. I know it won't come until the official returns to his office from his three week vacation on May 4, but I am so ready for that day to come and go!

Doug and I took some time on Friday night to go out together and start to gather some things for our trip. Thankfully we have the necessities--power converters and money belts, but we would both like another pair of good shoes before our trip...they really paid off last time with all our walking we did while in Ukraine! We took some time to hit the dollar bins at Target. I got lots of little stuff. Someone's blog I read said they left little presents for their little one they left at home. I really liked that idea, and Hannah is amused with most anything, so thank goodness for dollar bins!

I'm beginning to wonder about traveling and finding a apartment that is close to the Children's home. Late May and early June start the summer travel season, so if places are available, they may be more expensive!!! GREAT! Just when I thought we had all the basis covered! It may be time to try to put a little extra money back again, just in case expenses are higher! Our little princess is worth every penny though!

I am taking my school kiddos on an overnight camping adventure tomorrow. We will leave from school tomorrow and be back on Friday in time for the kids to ride the bus home. Some of my kiddos have not stayed away from home before, so this will be a great adventure for them. We are taking 10 children with various special needs. They all seem to be super excited! While I am camping, Doug will get some great 1-on-1 time with Hannah. My poor hubby doesn't feel good though. Doug is afraid he is getting bronchitis. Pray he is able to keep up with Hannah when he isn't feeling up to par. Great timing for Mama to go away, hugh? (On a side note, I was hoping I wouldn't miss the school camping trip....guess it all worked out.)

And so hour ny hour, day by day, we wait. We pray and we wait. There is an 'H' and an 'M' on the girl's wall. Hannah is so ready. She asks every day, "Is today when we go get M?" Each night she prays for her little sister, even though she has never met her, she is so in love, just like Papa and Mama. I can't wait to start counting down the days.


gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Thank you for this post- we are just starting the homestudy process but I'm trying to learn everything I can about travel to U. I like to plan WAAAAAY in advance so I'm not spending a huge chunk of money all at one time. So, I'm off to find power converters and money belts.

schoolmother said...

I am hoping for 'soon'

McKenna said...

I can't believe you're so close! Praying for May 4th to hurry up and get here and for you to know your travel date SOON!!