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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fiirst full day together (day 15)

Today was our first full day together as a family. We did very little today, other than being together and meeting all of Mila's needs and bonding. It was a great day.

The day started early--6:00am early. Doug woke up and was admiring his little girl, when Mila woke, she had an adoring Papa looking at her. She then began to make a little noise and Papa announced "Mila's awake!" I did not sleep well last night, wondering if Mila would wake in the middle of the night (which she did only once) so I was very tired. Doug graciously took Mila to the living room to begin their day together.

When I rolled out of bed an hour later, Mila was playing with her toys on the floor and had finished her breakfast of Manna. (It's kinda like grits). While in bed, I had heard her call for me, so I couldn't resist getting up! We had some great snuggle time on the couch together.

Most of the day consisted of playing, changing diapers, being silly together, and cuddling with either Papa or Mama. We tried getting her to chew some soft foods (bread and a french fry), and she would chew a couple of times, then thrust with her tongue, then swallow. I think we'll take our time on the solid foods for now. She is happy eating things that are smashed up.

Doug went down to the store and got some essentials and made dinner. It was super yummy! Don't let him fool you, he can cook!

We had the chance to talk to "Auntie" Jen and Jacob today via Skype. I am so thankful to have our laptop here and be able to reach the world and the ones we love back home. It has been a God send.

Mila talked and moved more today than any other day we have been together. She thinks it is funny when someone opens or closes the silverware drawer. She calls "Mama" most of the time when I leave the room. When Papa leaves her sight she typically yells "Aaaahhh?", looking for him. She has been moving her legs like a mad woman. Now if we can just get that movement when she is weight bearing!

Tonight before bedtime, Papa read Mila a book. I rocked her a little, then put her in bed. She took a nap easily today. Tonight she was quiet for about 10 minutes, then I began to hear a little whimper. This is the first time we have ever heard Mila cry. When I went into the room, tears were rolling down her face and she had the saddest look on her face. I had sudden flashbacks to the second night we had Hannah. I spent 2 hours trying to console her. (Hannah cried "Mama, Mama" consistently. I felt horrible that I wasn't the Mama she was wanting...) How do you tell a child that you have just taken from everything she knows that it will be okay. How do you explain that she will get use to everything new, we aren't scary people, and we would never let anything happen to her. She's three. I speak a different language. So, I sat and held her for a long while, slowing rocking her. Then I put her back in bed and slowly rubbed her back, leg, or hair. About 20-30 minutes later she finally fell asleep.

Amazing how much we love our little lady already. People have commented on how it is so amazing how in love we already are. I truthfully think that they could hand me any child and I would love him/her. I believe God has the ultimate plan. He had a reason for us adopting again. He had a reason for Mila being an orphan. He had a reason for bringing us together to be a family. We needed a Mila and Mila needed a family.



It is so awesome to see Mila so happy and giggling.. I heard her say mama , that is so great ..


And patiently waiting... said...

I am so happy for you!! Sweet little girl! Home stretch now!

mck said...

Oh, that video was precious! My heart is broken that she was sad and we will pray that God gives her peace and comfort and understanding that you are her forever family! I can't wait to see the girls together! It looks like ya'll had a fun time at the zoo afterall. Hugs and prayers from Texas!