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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Spring Daisy"- (day 14)

This morning we woke at 8:00am despite having no alarm to wake up by. It's a routine now--up at 8:00 to get ready to go to the orphanage to see Mila. Today though, we were to be there after 10:00am to pick up Mila.

When we arrived, J met us and asked us to come to her office to sign some paperwork. That lady is amazingly busy! She had 2-3 phone calls, and two visitors in her office while we were there. She definitely has a heart of gold! We took gifts for the caregivers/nurses on Mila's floor as well as for the psychologist in that worked with us. Once we signed papers, we went to get Mila and change her into her clothes we brought her from home. The 2T pants had to be pulled in all the way (elastic adjustable) just like Hannah's do. The 3T shirt was a little big, but she will grow into it. Should have brought size 4 shoes instead of 5's, but Hannah's 5 Keds I brought fit just fine. We played with her for a while and fed her last meal there.

I had the chance to see the facility and many of the children there. The staff does an amazing job with the children. I know each person who works there has a heart for children. (Otherwise they wouldn't be there). They do an outstanding job with the situation they are in. I compare it to when I first started teaching--I wanted to save the world and fix everything. But there isn't enough time in the school day and sometimes we don't have all the resources we would like to have, or we don't have enough hands to do everything we would like. As I continued to teach, I found a way to do my job with the resources, time, and love I had. Yes, I want to do more, but it's just how it is. Same way with the staff at Mila's first home. I'm sure they want to do more, but they just don't have enough hands and time in their shift. I admire each and every one of them for the job they do. Thank you for loving and caring for our daughter for the first three years. We are grateful.

We left the orphanage with many waves, well wishes, and "Chow"s. So off we went, out the gate and down the cobblestone road, headed for the apartment.

Mila was in awe all the way home. The people, the traffic, the trolleys, the noise,the smells--all new experiences for her. It was fun to look at the world through her eyes.

Once we got back to the apartment, we called the Layne family and woke them up (6:30am) before Karen went to work. Via skype, Mila has now seen Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Kevin. We tried to give her the chance to babble at Hannah, but she was suddenly quiet. Hannah said "Mama, I talk-a to her, but Mila says nothing to me!" :) We gave Mila the doggy blanket we brought for her from home. They have been pretty much inseparable today.

We tried laying down with her for a nap, but she was WAY too overstimulated with her new surroundings. She has made more noise today than I have ever heard from her.

We took a walk to the store and gave her a bath in the base of the shower (which she LOVED!). I fixed dinner, and Mila loved all the clanging and banging of dishes, pots, and pans and giggled so much. She ate a good dinner of mashed potatoes, and California blend veggies all smashed up and tried a bite of salami.

About 8:00pm, she layed on the floor and started to rub her eyes and her thumb went in her mouth. we layed her down in bed (alone this time) and she was out cold in about 10 minutes.

We should have Mila's passport by the end of the week, have a medical done Monday, and an appointment at the embassy. We could be ready to come home on Tuesday, but there was a HUGE fee to change our tickets for a flight on Tuesday or Wednesday, so it is more cost effective to stay here in Belgrade until Thursday. YEA! A week from tomorrow, we will be home! We can't wait to see Hannah! Home at 6:29pm on Thursday!


And patiently waiting... said...

Cara and Doug,
Congratulations!! WAHOO!! A forever daughter! And time to get the last details done.. I am so happy for you!

Julie said...

It sounds like she is a very agreeable girl. :) That smile is just the most beautiful thing! I'm so glad things are going well. I'm praying that you all are able to have some great time of getting to know each other over the next week. Have a great week. Keep the pictures coming! I love them!


Mike & Kim said...

So what you are saying is that now I have a deadline to get that car seat! :) Can't wait to have you home! And now you can join us on the 4th! Lunch will be at our house after the parade! And, you can hang-out with us in the evening if you are up for it!

Nathan and I pray for you every night, and thta you get home safely!

DoveFamily said...

Praising God along with you!!


Congrat's to you all!!!

Love love them pictures!!! Mila has the sweetest smile. Thanks so much for the pictures of Seth.. We miss hims so much...